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Our story begins with the trapped sea water of the Great Lake Bonneville, which stretched far beyond the valleys of what is now known as Utah. This sea water spilled into the neighboring states of Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming as well. Years of cataclysmic forces in nature reduced this great body of water to the boundaries of what is now The Great Salt Lake. Early Native Americans like the Shoshone long revered the lake for its healing properties. Tribal members made long journeys to bathe in its curative waters and gained joint and muscle relief in the many warm therapeutic mineral springs that feed the lake.

Today The Great Salt Lake is fed by snow shed from thousands of square miles including the rugged and mineral laden Rocky Mountains, its beautiful forests and high mountain valleys. Waters like the Bear, Logan, Weber, Ogden and Jordan Rivers, and countless springs like the refreshing Utah’s Locomotive Springs daily replenish the mineral-rich water of natureʼs creation. These waters become phytonutrient rich traveling hundreds of miles through verdant meadows, grasslands and thick extensive marshes prior to entering The Great Salt Lake.
In 1968 Hartley Anderson heard Dr. Crane of California expound the virtues of sea water for orthopedic conditions. Hartley thought that we live near a huge inland sea and wondered if it would be as beneficial as ocean water. He offered The Great Salt Lake inland sea water to a neighbor suffering from crippling arthritis. Much to Hartleyʼs joy, his neighbor did indeed experience relief.
In the ensuing years, thousands of experimentation and research hours from many cultures and continents have verified the most significant and unique ionic trace mineral and ionic plant source mineral products in the world. Ionic trace minerals have been referenced in the myriad published works of leading research nutritionists like the internationally known medical researcher Dr. Mildred Seelig, M.D. and the respected cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra.
When compared with other types of minerals, ionic minerals have no equal. They are the most bio-available because they are the smallest in size, have PH balancing characteristics, are both positively and negatively charged and have natural assimilative properties.


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